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3 Ways To Combat Summer Spending

With the summer months people are planning vacations, paying for summer camps for the kids, or getting ready to send your child to college for their freshman year. Summer is full of fun! But, amidst all that fun comes how to pay for it all. It can be easy to mentally check out on your money goals.

While relaxing by the pool or on your deck, you may be tempted to spend a little more here and there. Before you know it you’ve broken the budget and now there’s no more money. Here are some tips to keep your summer spending in order:

Press pause on one-click payments. 

We’ve all been there. Go on a website and purchase something with the click of a button. It’s convenient and feels like you’re not paying at all because the credit card or cash never touched your hand. If you are an online shopper be aware of the online shopping habit. Instead of purchasing the item immediately, step back and think about it overnight. Maybe you don’t need it that bad after all.

Find inexpensive fun. 

Summer activities that won’t break the bank do exist. Go on a picnic. Spending money to go out for dinner is much easier but the budget for food is where a lot of people overspend. Check your community recreation center or local churches that offer free activities. There are lots of affordable options out there.

Choose a budget-friendly vacation or try a “staycation”. 

It’s totally possible to take a summer vacation without going into debt. You need to create a budget to see what you can afford and stick to that number. Maybe you can’t stay in that beach house you want to rent for a week. By doing something new or going smaller you’ll be saving money. Set up a daily spending allowance to cover your fun activities and food costs. Then focus on the family.

Once you hit the road remember why you’re going on the trip in the first place. Vacation is about quality time together and not the receipts and souvenirs you collect on the way.

Be sure and your family has the best summer ever. This means not going into debt for some fun in the sun! Plan ahead and set up the vacation/summer budget. 

Summer is a great time to find deals on large purchases such as outdoor furniture, mattresses, electronics (personal), and appliances. Keep your eyes open for deals and shop wisely by researching your item. Also, stocking up on essentials and don’t forget the back-to-school sales. 

Summer is a fun time, not a pricey time! Set your limits while doing the advance planning. Look at all options and enjoy your summer without worrying about the money. Contact Vickie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 717-790-2171.


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