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When planning for retirement, you want to have confidence in your plan and the strategies your advisor has in place to grow and protect your retirement savings. Whether nearing retirement or years away, it's important you understand the various options you have for maximizing your retirement income.

Ask Yourself, Are You:

  • Saving and investing for the long term?
  • Interested in adding to your retirement nest egg?
  • Looking for tax-deferred earnings on your money?
  • Planning your estate?

What’s An Annuity?

An annuity is a type of insurance product that can provide tax-deferred growth for your retirement savings. Fixed annuities offer a set rate of return, while indexed annuities offer a crediting method tied to one or more indices. Many annuity options are available from our carrier partners. Your Futurity First representative would be happy to help you explore all of your options.

Annuities Are:

Secure: Payments received aren’t subject to the volatility of the stock market, so annuities are considered very safe investments.

Simple: Once you’ve purchased an annuity, your payment of premiums will guarantee a future source of income.

Stable: Since you’ll be receiving a fixed monthly payment, creating a retirement plan or budget is easy.

What Can An Annuity Do For You?

A tax-deferred annuity is a long-term investment option that can give you stability and guaranteed income in retirement. An annuity is one of many products offered by an insurance company. So the same company you trust with your life insurance can also help you with retirement planning.

Let’s Look At The Facts:

More than half (56 percent) of pre-retirees and retirees do not expect to receive enough income from Social Security and employer pensions to cover their basic living expenses in retirement. — Retirement Income Preferences, LIMRA, 2006.

Four in five (78 percent) nonqualified annuity owners intend to use their annuity for retirement income. — “The Facts of Life and Annuities”

Social Security replaces approximately 41 percent of the average earner’s income at retirement and is forecast to fall to 30.5 percent. — “The Facts of Life and Annuities”

How Does An Annuity Work?

You pay a large amount to the insurance company, usually in a lump sum — this is called “Funding the annuity.” The insurance company then pays you back a small amount over a period of time, typically for the rest of your life. If you die, the payments stop, unless the “Distribution” agreement includes continuing to pay out over the life of a remaining spouse.


Tax-deferred savings: Since annuities are issued by an insurance company, the premium and interest can grow tax-deferred under current tax laws. Unlike taxable investments, you don’t pay taxes on annuity interest until you start to withdraw income. This allows your money to grow faster than in a taxable account, because you earn interest on money that would otherwise have been paid in taxes.

Many annuity options are available through IMOR Financial and our relationships with multiple carrier partners. Our holistic, client-centric, approach means that we can help you explore all of your retirement planning solutions and help you determine your retirement planning needs.

What Is The First Step?

At IMOR we don’t charge a fee for our ADVICE, in fact, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with a prospective new client, at no charge, and listen to your financial goals, dreams, and concerns. From there, we can better assess if our consultative services can assist you in accomplishing your financial aspirations or addressing your financial concerns.


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