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Vickie's Biography

Vickie Mowery Verbos, grew up in the Harrisburg area and from birth seemed destined to be in the financial planning business. Her father; Don Mowery, and his brother PA State Senator Harold Mowery, were both pioneers in the insurance and financial industries. However, like many things in life, what seems to be, isn’t always what it is. Following her school years, Vickie met the love of her life, and soon to be husband; CAPT Robert M. Verbos, USN Retired, and instead of following in her father’s footsteps, decided that education and working with children was her passion. For over 30 years, Vickie worked in the public education system while raising her son and doing all things that military spouses do while their significant other is away protecting our great Nation. It wasn’t until tragedy struck, and Robert fell victim to a horrible accident, losing his life, that Vickie pursued a career change and moving into the financial planning business. This tragic event that took the life of her husband, and changed her life forever going forward, not only unleashed her passion for helping clients protect against life’s unexpected, but also provided her with an understanding of the emotions, the impact, and the experience that most, in the financial business, don’t have when working on plans for their clients. The Emotional Quotient, or EQ, as many refer to it, is something that can’t be taught in a class, or learned by reading a book. It’s something only actual experience, and passion can deliver. Vickie’s EQ is what affords her clients the comfort of knowing that their Advisor truly cares about helping them accomplish their goals, and are not working in the best interest of anyone but them and their future financial security. Vickie delivers this to every client she has and brings her passion, her past experiences, and her heart to the planning process where others often don’t. As the Managing Principal of IMoR Financial, Vickie personally works with each of her clients. The human touch, and personal relationship is what she strives to deliver at every level. And while yes, Vickie has the IQ to deliver her clients a comprehensive planning process, it’s her EQ that delivers them the true value in working with her and IMOR.


IMOR Financial is an independent financial planning company that focuses on delivering their clients an agnostic, unbiased, financial planning process. As an independent firm, IMOR is not driven to recommend a solution based on the company they represent. Instead, IMOR serves as a broker, and in this capacity, is only aligned with your interest, not that of a company that Vickie represents.

If you’re looking for an Advisor that is aligned with you, is only interested in protecting your financial goals and aspirations, and brings the EQ, and the IQ, to every client meeting, then contact IMOR Financial to learn more about Vickie and her organization today. Vickie will personally take your call, and schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about your financial goals.


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