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The Importance of Long-Term Care Awareness Month

National Long-Term Care Awareness Month is observed in November every year. It highlights  the long-term care of men and women and how they are assisted in their lives daily. This  includes feeding, bathing, and assistance with daily routines. More importantly, it is about compassion and making them feel that they are not alone or being neglected.  

The History of Long Term Care

A little history behind long-term care. Since the 17th century facilities have been in existence. Nursing institutions were introduced to us by English Settlers to help not only elderly but  orphans and mentally ill people. This tradition persisted until the 20th century when senior  persons fundamental requirements were met. By 1965 nursing homes became a rising sector in  the United States and more senior citizens opted to outsource long-term care for the stages of  their lives. Through the 1970’s and 1980’s nursing industries focused on upgrading services  to provide senior residents with high quality care they needed and demanded. The Nursing  Home Act was enacted in 1987 to establish long-term care services to the elderly in which they  were entitled.  

November was designated as National Long-Term Care month by the American For Long-Term  Care Assistance in 2001. The purpose was to create awareness of nursing homes and provide  information to elderly so they may seek out this choice once they turn 65.  

Long Term Care Facts

  1. The Long-term care industry is expanding. By 2050 it is expected that at least 27 million  Americans would need long-term care. 
  2. Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest contributor to elderlies needing long-term care.
  3. The elderly have a 20-year life expectancy after reaching the age of 65.
  4. There are few Americans that have long-term care insurance which is only 2.2 of the  entire United States population. 
  5. Elderly abuse is uncontrolled. Approximately one out of 10 elderly in the United States  has experienced elder abuse.
  6. 14 million Americans currently require long-term care support service. 

Why is Long Term Care Awareness Important?

So, why is Long-Term Care Awareness month important? Compassion and empathy for our  elderly population should be a priority of National Long-Term Care Awareness. Honoring the  lives they lived and making their last stage in life as comfortable as possible. 

Reach out and give a helping hand. Every elderly person is somebody’s grandparent. Wouldn’t  you want others to do the same for your grandparents? Elderly care is a right that over the age  of 65 should be covered. Access to long-term care assistance would be available to them.  

Consumers should be educated about long-term care insurance. What it covers and what it  costs to see if it may be an option that you want in your retirement plan. Making a plan and understanding the benefits, both protection and tax benefits is important.

It’s very common to have questions and reservations when planning for your future. Talking  about getting older and the reality isn’t easy or a fun conversation to have, but if it is happening.  Don’t be afraid to lighten up the conversation with fun times and laughs when appropriate-this  makes it a little easier. Get some professional advice so the topic isn’t avoided or scary to talk  about. Think of long-term care insurance as that layer of protection for your future that is  worth investing in while you’re young and in good health. Preparing early so your family does  not have to deal with emotional, physical, and the financial burden that many families face is crucial.

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