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Hearts, flowers, and chocolates; it’s the time of year again. With Valentine's Day coming up, this day comes with thoughts of love. There’s a way to honor all kinds of love, and it has nothing to do with cards, flowers, or chocolates. Express your love beyond words with life insurance. The way we express our love each day strengthens our relationships with those we love and makes our loved one’s feel valued. 



Express your love in a way that goes beyond words


Getting life insurance is a way of expressing love that goes beyond words. You may not associate life insurance with love, but you should. It shows the ones you love that you care about protecting their future. The reason why is: life insurance can protect the ones you love if an unexpected life event happens when you are no longer here. It can protect your loved one in so many ways that roses are sold on Valentines Day, February 14th.


Are you confident with your life insurance coverage?


Life insurance is essential to protecting the future of those who rely on you for support. Did you know that 59% of people agree that they would feel more secure in their relationship if they discussed getting life insurance with their partner? Men are more likely than women to say that purchasing a life insurance policy is a financial way to demonstrate your love (40% vs 33%). Financial security is one of the most attractive traits to have in a partner, according to new research (


Life insurance can be an emotional decision that needs to be discussed in families. The month of February is a good time to explain to the people you love that having life insurance isn’t just a financial product, it is love insurance. 


Plan your future with a safehold 


Planning for your future together is all good, but if something unexpected happens to one of you, should the surviving spouse have to put their dreams on hold? The answer is no, life insurance can prevent this. Whether it is just you and your loved one, or you have a large family it is a good time to purchase life insurance and insure your love. Many people underestimate what their income means to their family. The average money we spend on Valentine's Day gifts is $135. Life insurance can cost you as little as $150 for the year. Most people do not think about their own insurability. What would happen if you had life insurance through work and you leave that job, but your life insurance benefits stay? Would you be able to find an affordable life insurance policy? Do you have health issues, and would you be able to qualify for a life insurance policy? These are things that need to be thought through and acted upon. Life insurance enables the person who is left behind to move on and stay on his or her feet after losing a loved one. This person can continue to enjoy a good quality of life after you are gone.


What better gift to give your loved one than a gift of financial security for Valentine’s Day? We hope that everyone will take the time to think about their life insurance needs during February.














Better Than Sex Cake Recipe


1 Chocolate Cake Mix

1-16 Oz. Jar Caramel Topping

14 Ounce Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 ½ Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

¼ Cup Powdered Sugar

¾ Heath Candy Bars, Chopped


  1. Bake cake in a 9X13” pan according to recipe directions. Allow the cake to cool for a few minutes, then poke holes in it with a fork or wooden skewer.
  2. Pour caramel sauce all over the cake. Then pour the sweetened condensed milk (Only use about ½ of the can of sweetened condensed milk). It is sweet enough with just half, but it can be to taste if you prefer more. Allow the cake to cool completely.
  3. While the cake cools add the whipping cream to the mixing bowl and beat until soft peaks. Add powdered sugar and then beat the mixture until stiff peaks.
  4. Smooth the fresh whipped cream over the cooled cake. Sprinkle with heath candy pieces. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or up to one day before serving.


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